The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program

Covenant offers students in Year 9 to Year 11 the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are an extra curricular program to challenge students in areas that aren't taught in classrooms. Covering areas such as Physical Recreation, Skill, Volunteering, Adventurous Journey and Residential Projects, Duke of Ed has been running in NSW since 1962 and now has 8,500 participants every year. These participants, with the help of an Award Coordinator, can design their own program around their passions and interests by using extra curricular activities that they are already doing or starting a new challenge.

The Duke of Ed award, believes in ten philosophies which state that The Award is:

  • Available to everyone
  • About experiencing, connecting and developing
  • Not a competition
  • Flexible
  • Balanced
  • Progressive
  • About personal achievement
  • A marathon, not a sprint
  • Voluntary
  • Fun

All three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold), included hikes over several days. Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

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